The Hanjin California at Glebe Island

The container ship berthed at Glebe Island is the Hanjin California.

Hanjin is an immense South Korean shipping company, now bankrupt.  Like its rivals, Hanjin built too much capacity after the GFC.  Many of its vessels are stranded at sea, as ports refuse to let them berth. 

The California has been evicted from Port Botany to Glebe Island 1, “the only berth available for any length of period".

The ship has been arrested, under the control of the Admiralty Marshall (an officer of the Federal Court).  As there is cargo on board, the crew are running the vessel’s auxiliary engines.  (The main engines would be noisier and more polluting.)

The Port Authority is “in close contact with the ship’s Master and has communicated community concerns about noise and lighting. We will continue to monitor the ship and remain in close contact with the ship’s Master”. 

Nobody knows the departure date. The Admiralty Marshall can be emailed on