The Dry Bulk Carrier Ananya Naree

This vessel will unload gypsum for approximately five days from Saturday night.  It will operate 24 hours a day. No daytime noise limit is applicable, but noise limits do apply during the evening (6pm to 10pm) and night (10pm to 7am or 8am Sundays & Public Holidays). The previous gypsum unloading in October exceeded the night time noise limits set by the EPA. The gypsum importer (Knauf Plasterboard Pty Ltd) was issued a formal warning by the EPA after the October unloading for various breaches of its environment protection licence.

Ananya Naree

The vessel is berthed right next to the old Glebe Island Bridge.

If there is some aspect of the operation of this vessel that concerns you, please register your concern via all of the following phone numbers at the time that you are disturbed:

EPA Environment Line (24×7):               131555

Knauf Complaints Line (24×7):              9311 6972

Leichhardt Council (24×7):                      9367 9222