Tangling with Cyclists

Letter from Lord Mayor re cyclists

Several JL residents have had close encounters with cyclists. Most cyclists comply with road rules, but many use the pedestrian footpaths as cycle tracks, and a few treat the shared paths as speedways. Traffic police do target delinquents, but cyclists are inherently difficult to control and the police cannot patrol every footpath or cycleway.
After an unpleasant encounter, JL resident Bunny Gardiner-Hill asked Alex Greenwich, our local MP, what action residents can take, and she received this helpful reply from the Lord Mayor.

Essential points in Clover’s letter include:

  • See where cyclists may and may not go, on the Sydney Cycle Guide and Map;
  • If we see cyclists using footpaths regularly, call the police on 9265 6499 and ask them to target that time and place; and
  • The City does conduct information sessions to educate cyclists.