Sydney Heritage Fleet as Jacksons Landing Neighbours

The Sydney Heritage Fleet (SHF) propose to move many (but not all)  of their vessels to a site on Bank Street, under the Anzac Bridge, close to *evolve, Silk and Antias.

The Minister for Planning and Infrastructure has approved the project as:

A new maritime facility to be used as the operational base for the SHF’s collection of historic vessels, a museum and exhibition space.  The land-based component comprises a three storey building and a foreshore walkway.  The water-based component comprises a fixed wharf with attached floating pontoons.

Earlier negotiations agreed that the dragon boats would share the Heritage Fleet facilities.  In its final form the Planning Assessment Commission has deleted provision for the dragon boats, requiring them to apply separately.

There is community concern that the promised foreshore park, already reduced in size, may disappear altogether.

After public exhibition, many and varied objections were made, including several from Jacksons Landing residents living in the most affected buildings.  Planning Assessment Commission hearings were held, at which these objections were aired.  0bjections included the inaccessibility of the site for volunteer workers and visitors, the likely congestion from public parking, the loss of the promised foreshore park and any chance of water-borne recreation, the danger to passive boaters, noise and pollution.

Nevertheless the PAC determination (on 26 March) rejected the criticisms and upheld the proposal, with minimal changes.  In consequence:

  • A stretch of public open space has been lost;
  • Residents can expect traffic congestion, air and noise pollution;
  • Passive boating will be decidedly less safe;
  • SHF’s purpose of consolidating its fleet is further deferred; and
  • SHF may not be able to raise the capital required to complete the development.

The full determination can be seen on the Planning Assessment Commission website.