Sustainability matters

The Community Association is delighted to announce a new, practical and informative section of the website – Sustainability Matters. With rising energy costs and increasing concern about sustainable practices, we can all benefit, as owners and tenants, from practices which reduce energy consumption, save water, improve recycling and raise awareness of best practices or good deals from suppliers. This is an important issue for all Australians and we can take steps in our own apartments and common property, to be more efficient and cost effective, while reducing our carbon footprint.

The site will be as good as the quality and frequency of your ideas, suggestions, comments and feedback. We will trial the approach with a website rather than call more meetings. This way, the information is available 24 hours a day – just a click away.

Our initial categories are:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Waste
  • Engagement *

We invite examples of steps you, as an individual or strata, have taken to implement sustainable practices. Email to add your experiences.

* Engagement is about who wants to contribute to managing the information we collect, and planning further steps the Community Association can take. We will record names and email addresses of those keen to be active, and call a meeting at some stage to progress the issues within Jacksons Landing.

Many apartment owners are giving these issues close attention. A lot of information, including case studies, is available on the Green Strata website.

McCafferys executive committee have a sustainability subcommittee. Attached is the Sustainability Sub Committee Charter.