Sugar Dock

Welcome to Sugar Dock

We have two guides - the more comprehensive Living at Sugar Dock residents guide will answer most questions relating to living in Sugar Dock including governance and day to day management, support contacts and general information that all residents should be familiar with.

A single-page Residents welcome and amenities guide provides the essentials, that all residents should find useful.

More detailed supporting information can be found in the by-laws and related documents. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions and requests to the strata committee along with application forms where applicable.

We also have an online discussion area on Facebook specifically for Sugar Dock residents where more immediate or transient issues are discussed. There is also a Jacksons Landing Facebook discussion area for broader community topics.

What you should know

Residents and owners in Sugar Dock will enjoy many of the same benefits and have similar responsibilities to living in any other community. However the list below highlights a number of key things that may be unique to us, or that you should be particularly aware of:

 - To ensure that moving in and moving out is as smooth as possible for all, we have a procedure that must be followed. (Details)

​ - Sugar Dock is pet-friendly, but permission is required in advance, and there is a strict code of conduct. (Pet application form)

​ - Smoking is prohibited in all common areas and on all balconies.

 - The building is built to a high standard, and sound transmission between neighbouring apartments is minimal, but this also means that installation of new flooring must meet a high standard. If you plan to install new floor covering, you need to get permission in advance (Flooring application form). In your request you must indicate that you fully understand your obligations, and you are willing to comply with them. In particular you should refer to by-law 3, and the relevant standard: AAAC Guideline for Apartment and Townhouse Acoustic Rating 2010.

 - We have ample visitor parking, but to ensure this amenity is not abused we have a strict visitor parking policy. (Details)

 - Everyone should be familiar with the building evacuation plan and how fire alarm escalation works. (Details)

 - Key-safe application (form)

 - Your thermostatic mixing valve and its maintenance (TMV Details)