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Strata News


There have been a number of occasions recently where items, especially lit cigarettes and water have been discarded over balconies, this has caused significant damages to items on lower levels and is also a huge safety issue. The following rules (as per bylaws) apply to balconies within Silk:
  • Smoking on Balconies is not permitted
  • Nothing to be thrown over balconies
  • Water and hosing of plants/balconies tiles should not impact any other resident – ie water coming over the edge of your balcony.  Take care around the balustrades and edges.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is scheduled for 2-3 times a year, the most recent clean having completed in March 2021.  Further dates for cleans TBC and are weather dependent.  Once the clean has been completed residents will be invited to provide feedback to the building manager.

TMV Valve replacement

Info coming

Bike Audit (May 2021)

A bike audit is being conducted off all communal bike storage areas.  A tag will be attached to all bikes in these areas.  Please remove the tag attached to your bike which will identify that it belongs to a current resident.  Any bikes that have a tag left on them after the audit is complete will be removed and donated to a local charity.   This audit is necessary to ensure that the communal storage facilities do not get filled up with abandoned bikes and take up valuable space.

Stay in touch

Silk Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/Silk.Community/ Jacksons Landing Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/442604759110151 Pyrmont Locals Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/PyrmontLocals/

Key Contacts

Silk Building Manager: Khaled Ahmadzai
Mobile: 0418 504 207 After hours, please call security on 02 8565 9494 khaled@manage-meant.com.au
Silk Strata Manager: Chris Whelan
02 9219 4111 Chris@whelanproperty.com.au
Silk Strata Committee