Rum Store


The Rum Store building was originally constructed in about 1879. It was an important part of CSR's operations, but it seems it was never actually used to store rum. In more recent times it was used as offices for CSR engineers and also housed a cafeteria, library and concert hall for CSR workers. Photos of these facilities are displayed inside the building today. More photos of the old Rum Store building can be found on the History page. The building was restored in 2000 and converted to 13 apartment units, retaining the original hardwood beams, cast iron columns and windows, and sandstone windowsills.
Rum Store by-laws and management Each strata in Jacksons Landing is bound by the Community Management Statement, and the Jacksons Landing Architectural and Landscape Standards. In addition, the Rum Store has :
  1. Its own By-Laws
  2. Strata Management Statement and Amendments for shared arrangements with the Elizabeth.

The Strata Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting and meets approximately every three months. All owners are welcome to attend Strata Committee meetings as observers. Information about meeting dates and agendas and minutes of meetings can be obtained from the strata manager at