Regatta Wharf

Welcome to Regatta Wharf's section of the Website

New and emergency information for Regatta Wharf's owners and tenants is posted here. General information is provided on the right-hand part of this page.   Useful contacts:   Members of your Strata Committee are:
  • Manuela Epstein (Chair)
  • Trevor Daley (Treasurer)
  • Ian MacDonald (Secretary)
  • Allan Davis
  • Jane Kentmann
  • Peter Murray
  • David Parnell
  • Lyn Tyson
  • Philip West
Please address correspondence to the strata manager.

Information through the Strata Manager’s Portal

Owners can now access information about their levies, Strata Committee agendas and minutes on the Regatta Wharf online portal.

We suggest that you view the short video "What's New" to get started. Then click the CREATE button, which will take you to the next screen.

Enter the ID and password supplied to you in the StrataMax section. You will receive an activation email to the address you have entered.

Strata Meetings

All owners are welcome to attend Strata Committee meetings. The chair may allow an owner to address the meeting, and may vary the order of business to enable an owner to address a particular issue. All agendas and minutes are circulated to all owners. These documents will also be accessible through the Strata Manager’s website. You will need the user name and password from the agenda or minutes of the last AGM. This website is public, and agendas and minutes of meetings are restricted, so the documents cannot be published on this website. The Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meetings are meetings of owners, so all owners are entitled to speak on all issues. The new Strata Legislation allows the chair some latitude in declaring a quorum. Half an hour after the scheduled beginning of a meeting, the chair may determine that those present constitute a quorum, and proceed with the meeting. For the date and time of your next Strata Committee meeting, contact the Strata Manager on 02 8586 7822 or by email