Welcome to Fleetview

Building Manager (Manage Meant)
Sergen Isik 
Mobile: 0477 612 606
After hours: Please call security (see below)
Email: sergeni@manage-meant.com.au 
Website: https://managemeant.com.au/
Security (AFS) 24/7
Security operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week from the Gatehouse.
Tel: 02 8565 9494 or 0497 169 959
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Strata Committee
Brett Bowman (Secretary); Alison Wheatley (Chair); Kate Miller (Treasurer); 
Esther Mier; Dallas Griffin; Craig Porter; Cameron Robertson; Brian Scott; Tim Jones
Email - Building issues : sergeni@manage-meant.com.au
Email - Other issues : fleetview@jacksonslanding.net.au
Strata Manager (Dynamic Property Services)
Thomas John (9263 9942 or 9267 6334)
Email: thomas.john@dynamicproperty.com.au
Website: www.dynamicproperty.com.au
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