Strata committees are bringing their by-laws into line with the Jacksons Landing Community Management Statement (our constitution). After many delays, NSW strata law will also be brought up to date.
The proposals promote participation. Social media, video and teleconferencing will make meetings more flexible. The government will curb proxy-farming and give tenants a limited voice. Model by-laws will suggest how to deal with such issues as smoke drift, and pets.
The draft laws propose more accountability for managing agents and building managers; and make it simpler for owners to make minor renovations. Major renovations (such as wooden floors) would still require approval – by a general vote of the owners, rather than the EC. Changes to structures could be approved by a 75% majority in a general meeting.
The misuse of parking spaces, noise, overcrowding and short-term letting are all addressed. Fines may be introduced for breaches of these by-laws.
Perhaps the boldest innovation is enable the Tribunal to intervene when a scheme is dysfunctional, forcing a new election, or appointing a new managing agent etc.
To see the whole draft and have your say, go to the Department of Fair Trading website.