Short-term letting

As the State Government tries to decide how (or if) to regulate short term letting, it has passed a bill through the House of Assembly to the Upper House.  MPs are lobbied by friends and foes of this industry, and this is such a passionate debate that major issues are unresolved. How (for example) to define a “principal place of residence”?  Should the same rules apply to an owner who lets a single room and someone who goes away for six months leaving a letting agent in charge?  There may be a limit of 180 days per annum, but who has to keep the score?   
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The Owners Corporation Network has run an effective campaign to enable strata committees to exercise some control. Our local member Alex Greenwich has been making a similar argument and has (for example) successfully amended the draft bill to create a register of premises involved in short term letting.
It is not too late to express your opinions, directly to members of parliament or through Alex’s petition.

And even after legislation takes effect, there will be a review 12 months later.