Recycling our waste

We are quite used to recycling paper, bottles and cans; and more recently e-waste. And Pyrmont Cares (0452 537 998) will collect our discarded furniture and deliver it to people in need.

Now we have the opportunity to donate  most re-usable household goods, including clothing, shoes, clothing accessories, hard plastic (kids’ toys etc), plastic film, mobile phones, electronic waste, printer cartridges, polystyrene, plastic bags, fabric and small furniture. An organisation that works with disabled people will provide and manage a bin in your strata’s loading/garbage area.

  • Does it need a resolution at our AGM? No, as it will not be fixed to common property.
  • How often will it be emptied? As often as needed. Initially once a week, but more often if necessary, and less often if it is slow to fill. But the organisation will always manage it responsibly and ensure that the area is kept clean.
  • How does this help disabled people? For every 10 bins, a person can be employed.
  • How do we get one? First, raise it with your Executive Committee. Then contact Tom Mallet on 0416 308 818.
  • How long will it take to arrive? Only a few weeks, and sometimes less.
  • What is the catch? This is a win-win. The environment benefits, disabled people are employed, and you get to clean out your cupboards without feeling guilty!