Pyrmont Action and Friends of Ultimo invite you to meet the candidates.

Wednesday 15 February, 2023, 6:30pm-8:00pm

The Station, 58 Bowman St, Pyrmont

Hear from the Sydney and Balmain electoral candidates:

  • Elizabeth Farrelly (Ind, Legislative Council)
  • Nick Ward (Sydney, Greens)
  • Alex Greenwich (Sydney, Ind)
  • Skye Tito (Sydney, ALP)
  • Kobi Shetty (Balmain, Greens)
  • Philippa Scott (Balmain, ALP)

Invited but not yet accepted:

  • Freya Leach (Balmain, Lib)
  • Phillisse Stanton (Sydney, Lib)

Make YOUR voice heard in the community Q&A session

Read Pyrmont Action/Friends of Ultimo’s Election Manifesto