Our security contract is due for renewal, and each strata will have its own contract. Each contract will contribute to the central operations, but the process allows each strata plan to make its own decision.   

The current contract has 2 parts:

  1. Shared Services- Provision of central shared services in the Gatehouse which include CCTV monitoring, 24/7 presence for emergency services and residents, and centralized services for the issue of keys etc.
  2. Rover Services – Provision of on-strata security services whose work varies with each SP (eg towers need more time than terraces), plus a general on-strata presence and first responder action should there be a call from residents or issues identified on the CCTV.

A working party of strata nominees is working hard to get the tender documentation and process on the road; the tender process must be completed before September. 

The working group works under the umbrella of the Community Association (CA) for convenience, but the CA’s role is simply to facilitate the process. Each strata will be able to review the competing proposals, and assess the costs and merits of a common or individual delivery of these services. 

For information, contact your strata committee (SC). SC members can contact Colin Knowles – – or James Scandol –