New estate management model

The Community Association is taking the opportunity to review our estate management model, since the current Estate Management contract comes to an end in June 2015, the resident services manager (RSM) contract ends on 30 June this year, and the security contract is due for renewal this year also.
A working party consisting of a representative of each strata has been meeting since late last year to explore options, and prepare for the issue of a tender. Communication about progress is the responsibility of strata representatives, who report to their strata executive committee and, where appropriate, to their owners.

The Community Association has adopted some principles to advance this project:

  • The future estate management service should include those services currently undertaken by the existing estate management and the RSM.
  • A single umbrella contract containing all generic employment terms and conditions including performance requirements but with customised scope of services and pricing for each entity be entered into with each entity executing the contract. This method will enable better management of performance and other conditions of the contract, providing total transparency to all entities included whilst still giving independence to each entity to decide what services they want from estate management.
  • An external contract service provider be engaged rather than the engagement of direct employees.
  • A Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) be provided to each participating scheme for them to agree to the tender process.

The presentation given by Dynamic Property Services on Monday 13 May can be downloaded here.

A survey on options for the scope of the estate management service is being prepared. Each strata will be asked to provide a single response, having consulted their owners. Each strata committee will decide on its method of consultation. For large stratas, an online survey using Survey Monkey is one possibility. Interested owners should contact their executive committee – email (eg or their working party representative. Strata representatives with email addresses are listed below.

Community Association representatives are Colin Knowles, Mary Mortimer, Ron O’Neil and Ian Awford .

Terry Einfeld

Antias Neville Monk
Cadigal Terraces Gordon Streight
Distillery Hill Colin Knowles
Elizabeth Steve Verrier
evolve* Chris Durman
Fleetview Winton Higgins
Knox on Bowman Richard Dinham
McCafferys Hill Ian Bulluss
Mount Street Walk Terraces Amanda Cook
Reflections David Keetley
Regatta Wharf Colin Erickson
Rum Store Sean Innes
Silk Stephen Langton
Stonecutters John Durham
Sugar Dock Rosanne Bakker
Tablet House Bruce Callaghan