New estate management in a new shopfront office

Arrangements are well advanced to acquire the former Jacksons Landing sales office, as proposed and supported by community conversations in 2011. General meetings of the Community Association and Distillery Hill have approved the purchase of this office, and the sale of the current Jacksons Landing Estate Management (JLEM) office, which is owned by the Community Association. The difference in price is covered by $800,000+ obtained in a previous settlement with Lend Lease.
Transfer of the office will coincide with a change in our estate management team. JLEM was put in place by Lend Lease when the first buildings were completed. Lend Lease has now decided to move out of this business, and is novating estate management to Manage Meant P/L, a specialist residential facilities management company.
It is hoped that on 1 July this year the new estate management team will move into their new office, on the lower ground floor of the Distillery building in Bowman Street. This shopfront will provide ready access to their building manager for all residents, plus a small meeting space for strata committees and Community Association subcommittees and working groups.
The role of the Resident Services Manager will be integrated into the new estate management team.
Some changes will need to be made to prepare the new office. Click here to download a draft plan for the refit.
Interested owners are invited to attend the new office this Thursday at 5.30pm to view the space, and will be able to make suggestions about the new arrangements.