New arrangements for the Glasshouse

The Community Association has decided to ease restrictions in the Glasshouse from tomorrow Monday 1 March. This means that

  • the change rooms will be available now renovations are complete;
  • 5 people can use the gym at a time including personal trainers (the 4.0 sq metre rule still applies to gyms);
  • 10 people (or family groups) can use the pool at a time including swimming teachers/coaches.
  • Non-residents – coaches, teachers and trainers – must have insurance, and register the details with the resident services manager at the estate management office.

These rules still apply:

  • You must make a booking to use the pool or the gym.
  • You must shower before you use the pool – preferably a FULL shower at home before you come.
  • You must collect a fob from security in exchange for some ID (apartment key, driver licence, etc), and return it at the end of your booking.
  • If you have a booking and there are already more than the permitted number in the pool or gym, please let security know.