Mount Street Walk Terraces

Date Built: 2000

Architect: Tonkin Zulaikha Architects

Contemporary terraces bounded by Cadigal Ave, Bowman St, John St and Mount Street Walk. Site of CSR research laboratory near John St end, and occupying the once residential area of McCredie and New Streets.

Mount Street Walk Terraces


East side of Mount Street Walk Terraces West side of Mount Street Walk Terraces

Designed by Zulaikha Greer and completed in 2000, these terrace houses front a new street that was created after CSR departed and Lend Lease moved in.
The houses on the two older streets that ran between Harvey and Bowman Streets in the 1870s attracted archaeological surveys. The stairs at the junction of Harvey Street and Mount Street Walk support an interpretive installation (Unearthed Chronology) listing significant dates and events in Pyrmont’s history.