Mount Street Walk Terraces

Date Built: 2000

Architect: Tonkin Zulaikha Architects

Contemporary terraces bounded by Cadigal Ave, Bowman St, John St and Mount Street Walk. Site of CSR research laboratory near John St end, and occupying the once residential area of McCredie and New Streets.

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Mount Street Walk Terraces

1850 - 1950

Pyrmont c1939 Research laboratory 1 McCredie Street ca 1945

In CSR’s heyday two streets ­ McCredie and New – ran between Bowman and Harvey. Mount Street Walk runs between these streets, parallel with them, and very close to McCredie.
Houses on New Street dated from 1875: those on McCredie date back another decade, i.e. they are older than CSR’s occupation of the site, and were soon overshadowed by industrial buildings.
The refinery itself grew up across narrow Bowman Street. As CSR expanded and needed space, houses were appropriated, demolished and replaced with industrial plant or car parks. The research laboratory developed south of Harvey Street, where Mount Street Walk now meets John Street. More alarming neighbours were the engineering works east of McCredie, adapted during the Second World War to produce armaments.
A few houses were still occupied in the 1960s, but by the 1980s there were none standing.