Landscaping plans following the construction of the sewer for Regatta Wharf

Work on the Regatta Wharf private sewage pumping station on common property of 36-42 Refinery Drive nears completion. On behalf of the Regatta Wharf Owners Corporation we would like to express our appreciation to all residents in the Jackson Landing Community, who have patiently endured the disruption caused by the construction.

The last stage is the restoration of Cadi Park lawn and gardens, along with the landscaping of affected areas in Regatta Wharf. Planning has involved an urban planner, a senior designer and an arborist. Regarding Cadi Park, the aim is to return the park to the condition it was in prior to the works. Where it is not possible to replace specimens of identical size, the plan allows for a combination of mature plants and plants sized to achieve rapid growth. The plantings selected are in keeping with the established themes in Jacksons Landing, are indigenous to the area and drought tolerant.

Within Regatta Wharf, the brief to the landscape architect has been to continue the theme and principles of the existing garden, using the same and similar plantings, while taking account of the western sun and winds, as well as sightlines from apartments. The proposed design has been reached after extensive consultation with the House Sub-committee and the Garden Sub-committee. The Executive Committee is conscious of the need to use landscaping elements to soften the hard surface appearances and this also has been a key factor in the design and choice of plants. There may be some modifications implemented once we have completed and assessed the proposed landscaping works.