Parking – Visitors

Distillery Hill has a limited number of short-term car and motorcycle visitor parking spaces provided for use by genuine short-term visitors to Distillery Hill apartments. All spaces are accessed from the vehicle entrance level off Tambua Street. Visitor spaces are intended for short-term and intermittent use only. An eligible visitor can make use of a visitor’s parking space for no more than 24 hours at a time.

To ensure fair use generally, access to visitor car parking is restricted; application for use of a visitor car parking space is to be made by yourself or a person authorised by an apartment resident to on-duty security staff at the Gatehouse on Bowman Street. A key to your allocated parking bollard will be issued by a member of security staff. Excessive or unreasonable use beyond these guidelines is monitored.

For residents with more vehicles than they have allocated parking spaces, you can apply to the Sydney City Council for a street parking permit, or arrange to rent an allocated space from another resident (refer Resident Parking section for guidelines).
Special provisions may also apply during peak periods, such as New Year’s Eve, and any special conditions will be posted on this website.

Access to the parking area is via a cable barrier, which is lowered by first hailing the unit you intend to visit on the intercom system at the visitor parking entrance. The resident of the hailed unit will authorise lowering of the cable barrier from their intercom keypad. After the visitor leaves, the bollard must be returned to the upright position and locked; bollard locking prevents later unauthorised use of the space. The bollard key must then be returned to security staff without unreasonable delay.

Bollard keys are provided for a maximum period of 24 hours. If bollard keys are not returned promptly after use considerable inconvenience is caused to other residents’ visitors who may require a visitor car parking space.

Thoughtless or unfair usage of visitor car parking spaces or undue delay in returning bollard keys may result in one or more of the following restrictions and penalties:

  • A new lock being installed on the associated bollard (thereby rendering the unreturned key useless).
  • An administrative fee of $120 being charged against the offending apartment for costs associated with bollard key replacement.
  • The apartment associated with the offending bollard key holder or non-return of bollard to its upright position and locking being liable to “access denied” status for a period of three months.