By-laws and related documents

Each strata in Jacksons Landing is bound by the Community Management Statement, and the Jacksons Landing Architectural and Landscape Standards.

In addition, Silk has its own specific by-laws and standards. Copies of these can be obtained by emailing the Silk strata committee.

Other by-law reference documents include:
Silk’s Security Policy (Fob and Airkey allocation and use).
Silk and Sugar Dock Recreational Facilities Rules.

By-Law Summary

SP86806 – Silk, 2 Distillery Drive, Summary of current by-laws.

The Executive Committee of your building wish to remind you of the following by-laws which apply to your building. Several new by-laws were adopted at the Annual General Meeting held 18 September 2013. The full text of the by-laws can be obtained by clicking here.

• Keeping of animals
By-law 4 requires that all owners and occupiers must apply in writing to the Owners Corporation to keep an animal. Permission will only be given for de-sexed animals up to a maximum of two dogs or one cat. There are rules which require the animal to be kept under control, tethered while on common property, not make unreasonable noise and the owners of animals to clean up any excrement on common property.

• Smoking Restrictions
By-law 7 strictly prohibits smoking on all balconies, courtyards, terraces and common property. This by-law applies to all owners, occupiers and visitors.

• Washing on balconies
By-law 8 strictly prohibits the hanging of any laundry, washing or bedding on a balcony, courtyard or terrace so that it is visible from outside the building.

• Appearance of lot
By-law 11 prohibits the owners or occupiers keeping anything on the lot which if visible from outside the lot that is not in keeping with the rest of the building. This includes signs or advertisements on balustrades, windows or any area of the lot and unit.

• Furniture on balconies
By-law 17 requires owners and occupiers to ensure that any furniture or other items on balconies, courtyards or roof top terraces are secured to prevent any item from blowing away or falling from the balcony, courtyard or terrace. Umbrellas must be weighted at the base and all portable items removed when not in use. Any damage caused to the common property may be recovered from the owner of the unit.

• Renovation requirements
By-law 19 requires all owners intending to undertake alterations, additions, repairs or replacements in their lot to obtain the written approval of the Owners Corporation, prior to the work commencing. This by-law is extensive and owners should familiarise themselves with its terms before any application is made.

• Storing items in car space
By-law 25 allows for car spaces to be used for parking motor vehicles only, no other items may be stored in a car space. If an owner wishes to install a storage unit on a car space, approval must be sought from the Owners Corporation prior to any installation.

• Pool rules, including the need to supervise children in the pool area:
By-law 38 requires that all owners and occupiers using the recreational facilities (including the pool area) do so only between the hours of 6.00am to 9.00pm and that children under the age of 15 years must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. All users must carry a towel and be appropriately dressed when passing through common property. Glass and other sharp objects must not be brought into the pool area.

The above by-laws are a significantly summarised extract of the 52 by-laws applicable to the building. The by-laws are in place to provide the most enjoyable environment for all residents of Silk and your adherence to them is required by law and greatly appreciated by your neighbours.

You can email the Silk strata committee here.