Strata-Specific Info & FAQs

Visitor parking

Fleeetview has a limited number of visitor car parking spaces provided for use by visitors (not for general use by residents).

A request to use a visitor car space is made to the security office by a resident (or person authorised by a resident). The security office will provide a key to unlock the bollard for the allocated car space and record some basic details in a booking schedule. A visitor car space key is normally only provided for a maximum period of 24 hours from the time of the booking.

After the visitor leaves, the bollard must be returned to the upright position and locked with the key which helps prevent subsequent unauthorised use of the car space. The key must be returned to the security office without undue delay as soon as possible after use and in any case within 24 hours. (Make sure you and/or the security office records what time you returned it.)

If these procedures are not followed it can result in inconvenience to other residents who may wish to use a visitor car space. Thoughtless or unfair usage of visitor car spaces or undue delay in returning bollard keys may result in restricted access to visitor parking in future.

For extended visitor parking requests (more than 24 hours), please contact the Building Manager with reasons behind the extended request. This will then be forwarded onto the owners’ corporation for consideration.


Resident parking

One or two car park spaces per apartment are provided for residents. Unauthorised use of another resident’s car parking space is prohibited. Whilst it is ok to make arrangements to lease or lend an unused car park space to a fellow resident, it is a breach of by-law to lease a car park space to a non-resident (as it would involve providing them with an access swipe key). If it is discovered that a swipe key has been lent to a non-resident for this purpose, that swipe key access may be invalidated without notice.

Vehicle tailgating

The practice of tailgating is when one vehicle tries to gain entry immediately after a preceding vehicle has entered the car park (and whilst the roller shutter may still be on its downward travel). This practice has been the means of entry for burglars of cars and apartments. The roller shutters have now been calibrated to lower immediately after vehicle entry. Consequently, tailgaters now do so at their own risk of vehicle damage.

Car wash bay

A car wash bay and hose are provided in the garage on Level 3 for the convenience of residents to clean their vehicles. Please try to keep the area clean and tidy.

Bicycle storage

There are bicycle racks in the car park to which bikes can be secured. A simple form of bike audit will be conducted now and then to identify and remove any bikes that have been abandoned.

Kayak storage

There are a small number of storage spaces available for kayaks. Apply to the strata committee for access to kayak storage.

Facilities in the buildings

There is a gym, outdoor (unheated) pool and gas BBQ on level 4. The BBQ must be booked with security, and the key collected from the Gatehouse. Please leave the area clean after use.

Fire Stairs / Broken lift

There are two lifts in each building, so it is rare to need to use the fire stairs for floor access to get in/out of the building. If both lifts were out of service at the same time, security (02 8565 9494) could provide access to the fire stairs. Otherwise, these stairs should only be used in an emergency, as opening the door sets off an alarm that security has to respond to.

Architectural standards

These Standards must be read in conjunction with the Architectural Standards for the Community Association.
Air-conditioning units: Window or wall-mounted units are not allowed. Units are permitted on balconies provided they can be adequately screened to the satisfaction of the community association. However, they are not permitted on balconies with glass balustrades, as sufficient screening cannot be achieved.
Balcony enclosures: Balcony enclosures are not allowed.

Balcony furniture: Only the following balcony furniture is allowed:

  • outdoor setting
  • BBQ
  • umbrella
  • planters/fountains.

Light Fittings: The light fittings on external balconies cannot be replaced.
Real Estate Signs: Only one ‘For Sale’ or ‘For Lease’ sign is permitted per unit at any one time. This sign:

  • Must not exceed 1 metre by 1 metre in size,
  • Must not be attached to balconies, and
  • Must be affixed to the inside of a window.

Window boxes: Window boxes are not allowed on external windows or balustrades.
Security Grilles: Security grilles are permitted and shall match the colour of the door or window, and equal to ‘Crimsafe’ TM (ph) 02-9536-1555. The typical aluminium frame colour is “Ironbark” – MM147A Low Sheen.
Window Treatment: As all window frames in this building are white, and the wall colours have pale tones, all curtains must have white backing. All blinds and timber shutters must be white.
Colours: Original colours are to be maintained.
Flywire screens: Flywire screens are permitted and shall match the colour of the door or window.
Window Treatment: In general, all curtains must have white backing. All blinds and timber shutters must be white.

Click here to download a copy of these standards.