Strata-Specific Questions

For most questions, the information applies to the whole of Jacksons Landing – see Frequently Asked Questions on the left of each page.
However, some information is different for different stratas.
You can email the strata committee here.

Residents' car wash bay

A car wash bay is provided for residents on the upper car park level of the resident car parking area. This bay is not for general parking.

Facilities in the building

Gym and outdoor pool facilities are located on the mezzanine level of the Distillery Tower and available for daily use by residents and a maximum of two guests per apartment between the hours of 4:00am and 9:00pm. The pool should not be used before 6:00am and noise minimised at all times to avoid disturbing nearby residents.

Persons under 15 years of age must be supervised by a responsible adult. Antisocial, loud or nuisance behaviour will not be tolerated and consumption of alcohol within the gym and pool area is not permitted. Portable music players must be used with headphones.

Please shower before using the pool and use a towel when using gym equipment where practical. Gym equipment should be wiped clean of perspiration after use. It is also expected that when leaving the gym/pool area residents and guests are dry and suitably attired.

Breakages and maintenance issues should be reported to the Executive Committee without delay.

Bicycles and bicycle storage room

A secure bicycle storage room is located on the entrance level to the Distillery Hill residential and visitor car park, and beside the recycling area. Bicycles which appear to be abandoned may be removed in order to deter the possibility of long-term unauthorised storage and to allow space for current cycling residents.

Bicycles, including children's bicycles, should not be brought through Distillery Hill building foyers, lifts or stairwells and should be stowed in the bicycle storage room or individual storage cages.

In case of a lift breakdown

Press the button marked with a telephone receiver; this will put you through to the lift maintenance company. When they answer, respond with:

  1. The location of the lift – the lift number and its address is on the name plate in the lift
  2. How many people are in the lift and if anyone needs medical attention
  3. Ask them the estimated time of arrival of someone to release you from the lift.

If a lift you wish to use is out of order:

  1. Buzz the intercom and when Security answers, tell them the lift is out of order OR
  2. Call Security on 02 8565 9494.

Garbage collection

General waste: Monday and Thursday
Paper and cardboard: Monday
All recycling: Wednesday

Architectural and landscaping standards

These Standards must be read in conjunction with the Architectural Standards for the Community Association.

Air-conditioning units: Window or wall-mounted units are not allowed.
Balcony enclosures: Balcony enclosures are not allowed.
Balcony furniture: Only the following balcony furniture is allowed:

  • outdoor setting
  • BBQ
  • umbrella
  • planters/fountains.

Light Fittings: The light fittings on external balconies cannot be replaced.
Window boxes: Window boxes are not allowed on external windows or balustrades.
Security Grilles: Security grilles are permitted with approval and shall match the colour of the door or window, and equal to ‘Crimsafe’ TM (ph) 02 9536 1555.
Colours: Original colours are to be maintained.
Flywire screens: Flywire screens are permitted and shall match the colour of the door or window.
Window Treatment: In general, all curtains must have white backing. All blinds and timber shutters must be white.

Click here to download a copy of these standards.

Moving procedures

Click here to see the moving procedures information.