Strata-Specific Questions

For many questions, the information applies to the whole of Jacksons Landing – see Frequently Asked Questions on the left of each page. However, some information is specific to the Cadigal Terraces.


Strata Committee

The Strata Committee meet every quarter. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email the Strata Committee.


Visitor Parking

There is no visitor parking within the Cadigal Terraces car park.

You may be eligible for City of Sydney visitor parking permits. For more information about this program, visit the City of Sydney’s Visitor Parking Permit page.


Garbage Collection

General waste and recycling – early every Thursday morning, on the footpath in front of each terrace.

Large or bulky items – book a pickup on the City of Sydney website.



Window Treatments: Western red cedar shutters and blinds, white curtain backing and frosted glass are acceptable on those windows facing the streets. There are no restrictions on windows facing internal courtyards or on upper level windows not facing streets.

Balcony Furniture: In order to reduce contrast between the building and furniture pale-coloured outdoor furniture is required on those balconies facing the street.

Security Grilles: The approved security grill design is permitted on ground floor doors.

Structures in Courtyards: Pergolas and trellis structures are permitted in internal courtyards provided that such structures do not protrude above party walls or parapets.

Nameplates: Nameplates can be affixed to the front of the building subject to approval by the appropriate public authority and the Owners Corporation.

Light Fittings: The light fittings on external balconies cannot be replaced. Restrictions do not apply to internal courtyards.

Satellite Dishes: Satellite dishes are not permitted on roofs, with the exception of a dish on the common property roof of one of the Terraces to enable provision of pay TV and the like to the whole of the strata scheme. Wall mounted dishes can be mounted on internal courtyards where they do not visually affect adjoining owners.

Trees and Shrubs: In order to preserve the solar amenity of neighbours, trees in courtyards must not exceed 3 metres in height.

Alarm Systems: Internal alarm systems may be installed by an Owner in a House Lot. External security devices may be installed in the approved position.


Download a copy of the Architectural Standards for the Cadigal Terraces.

These Standards must be read in conjunction with the Architectural Standards for the Community Association.