Strata-Specific Questions

Visitor parking

There are 12 visitor parking spaces available to be shared between the Elizabeth and the Rum Store. Two visitor parking spaces are inside the boom gates. Visitor parking must be shared equitably and not monopolised by residents or long term guests.

As an alternative, you can obtain Visitor Parking Permit vouchers from Sydney City Council for street parking.

Resident parking

Residents are reminded that vehicles should be properly parked within the allotted parking spot(s) and the vehicle should not protrude beyond the markings on the floor. If you are not using your car space, it can be leased to another resident of the Elizabeth or the Rum Store, but not to anyone else. If there are additional residents within the apartment beyond the number of allocated parking spots, you can apply to Sydney City Council for a Resident Parking Permit.

Garbage collection

Bins for general waste and recycling are located in the garbage room opposite the front entrance.

Architectural Standards

These Standards must be read in conjunction with the Architectural and Standards for the Community Association

Light Fittings: The light fittings on external balconies cannot be replaced.

Window Treatment: Silver curtain lining or Western Red Cedar blinds are permitted.

Moving procedures

When a move in or out occurs at the Rum Store, the following procedures should be followed:

On arrival, stop at the Security Gatehouse located at 58-B Bowman Street, Pyrmont and advise them of your arrival. Alternatively, call them on approach on 02 8565 9494. (Please phone them if you are running late).

Point of Entry
The front doors to the Rum Store building is the correct point of entry for your removal. The removalist truck can park on Mount St Walk and should not block the entry as other vehicles use this for access.

The Jacksons Landing Security Office requires at least 24 hours notice of your move in. This is to enable the lift car to be padded to protect furniture and prevent damage to the building.

A condition report will be completed before and after your move by the Security Guard in relation to the common areas, lifts and lobbies. Please ensure that reasonable care is taken to prevent damage and preserve finishes of the common areas

Move in’s/out must not proceed after 7.30pm each evening or prior to 7am each morning unless written authority has been granted by the Owner’s Corporation. Moving in or out is not allowed on Sundays.