Strata-Specific Questions

For most questions, the information applies to the whole of Jacksons Landing – see Frequently Asked Questions on the left of each page.
However, some information is different for different stratas.

You can email the strata committee here.

Visitor Parking

McCafferys has a limited number of visitor car parking spaces provided for the use of visitors and not residents. McCafferys also has a small number of visitor parking spaces for motor bikes.

Application for use of a visitor car park space is to be made to the RSM by yourself or a person authorised by an apartment resident. In the absence of the RSM, see the on-duty security

A key to the space’s allocated bollard will be issued by the RSM or security staff member. After the visitor leaves, the bollard must be returned to the upright position and key-locked. Bollard locking prevents later unauthorised use of the space. The bollard key must then be returned to the RSM or security staff member without undue delay.

Ideally, visitor car spaces should be vacated as quickly as possible (within 4 to 8 hours). Bollard keys are provided for a maximum period of 24 hours.

If bollard keys are not returned promptly after use, considerable inconvenience is caused to other residents who may be seeking a visitor car park space.

Thoughtless or unfair usage of visitor car parking spaces or undue delay in returning bollard keys may result in one or more of the following sanctions:

  • A clamp being placed on the relevant bollard until a new lock is installed (thereby rendering the un-returned key useless).
  • An administrative fee of $120 being charged against the offending apartment for costs associated with bollard key replacement.
  • The apartment associated with the offending bollard key holder or non-return of bollard to its upright position and locking being liable to “access denied” status for a period of three months.

Resident Parking

Car park spaces are provided in the basement of the Tower and Mews buildings. You may be entitled to one or two car park spaces. Unauthorised trespass on another resident’s car parking space is prohibited.

Whilst it is possible to make internal arrangements to lease or lend an unused car park space to a fellow resident, it is a breach of by-law to lease a car park space to a non-resident. Anyone discovered leasing a car park space to a non-resident will have their swipe key access invalidated.

Vehicle Tailgating

The practice of tailgating is when one vehicle tries to gain entry immediately after a preceding vehicle has entered the car park (and whilst the roller shutter may still be on its downward travel). This practice has been the means of entry for burglars of cars
and apartments. The roller shutters have now been calibrated to lower immediately after vehicle entry.

Consequently, tailgaters now do so at their own risk of vehicle damage.


McCafferys buildings were constructed to some exacting standards to minimise noise penetration between units. However, excessive noise will still reach your neighbours and disturb their right to quiet enjoyment of their home. Noise that reaches your apartment after 11:00pm at night is initially a matter for Jackson’s Gatehouse Security.

If the problem is still not resolved you will need to call the police.

Please be aware that, unlike the walls between apartments, walls adjacent to corridors do not afford the same level of sound insulation. You should also be mindful that balcony and street noise from Cadigal Avenue easily carries into nearby apartments.

Broken Lift

When the lift is out of order:

  1. If in the lift: press the button marked with a telephone receiver. This will put you through to the lift maintenance company. When they answer, tell them:
    • where the lift is;
    • how many people are in the lift;

    and ask them the estimated time of arrival of someone to release you from the lift.

  2. If a lift you wish to use is out of order:
    • buzz the intercom and when Security answers, tell them the lift is out of order, and which one it is; OR
    • ring Security on 02 8565 9494.


McCafferys enjoys the services of on- site cleaners. Working one shift per day, the cleaners not only attend to the appearance of common areas but also collect and remove recyclable items from the garbage rooms. If you have an accident resulting in a garbage spill, please do not leave it for the cleaner who may have left for the day. All residents are asked to act responsibly and clean up after themselves as best possible. In the event of a substantial accident, please contact the Gatehouse for assistance.

Garbage Room

The garbage collection room (whether Tower or Mews) is available for bagged deposits of domestic rubbish and for larger items. McCafferys owners have included in their levies a provision for removal of such rubbish.

Dumping of foreign rubbish (either by non McCafferys residents or rubbish generated by residents off-site) is prohibited and efforts will be taken to track down and fine offenders. You may wish to consider the requirements of charities before placing usable household items in the garbage rooms.

Floor Chutes

If you are a resident of the tower, everyday domestic rubbish may be disposed of by depositing it in sealed plastic bags down the chutes provided (one chute per floor located in the garbage room). If rubbish contains wet material, it is essential that it be double bagged. This practice ensures that chutes remain un-jammed. Large items such as cardboard boxes should be flattened and household items should be taken to the main garbage collection room.


General waste: Monday and Friday
Paper and cardboard: Monday
Bottles and containers: Thursday


These Standards must be read in conjunction with the Architectural Standards for the Community Association.
Balcony enclosures: Balcony enclosures are not allowed.
Balcony furniture: Only the following balcony furniture is allowed:

      • outdoor setting
      • BBQ
      • umbrella
      • planters.

Light Fittings: The light fittings on external balconies cannot be replaced.
Real Estate Signs: Only one ‘For Sale’ or ‘For Lease’ sign is permitted per unit. This sign:

      • Must not exceed 1 metre by 1 metre in size,
      • Must not be attached to balconies, and
      • Must be affixed to the inside of a window.

Window boxes: Window boxes are not allowed on external windows or balustrades.
Security screens: Security grilles are permitted with approval and shall match the colour of the door or window, and equal to ‘Crimsafe’ TM (ph) 02 9536 1555.
Colours: Original colours are to be maintained.
Flywire screens: Flywire screens are permitted and shall match the colour of the door or window.
Window Treatment: In general, all curtains must have white backing. All blinds and timber shutters must be white.

Click here to download a copy of these standards.