Strata Notices and By-Laws

There are various regulations which apply to residents of Reflections.  These include:

  • the original strata plan by-laws and subsequent amendments
  • special by-laws which are made from time-to-time
  • architectural and landscaping standards both for Jacksons Landing and Reflections
  • rules of the Community Association which apply to every strata in Jacksons Landing
  • State government laws relating to strata schemes

The by-laws and other rules exist to ensure harmonious living, to protect the amenity of our building, and to allow for approval of renovations and alterations to individual properties.

References to the by-laws are made in the Living at Reflections guide for residents.   A few key by-laws are as follows:

  • Balconies (by-law 4 and Architectural Standards)
  • Car-wash bay (by-law 7 and Special by-law 4)
  • Garbage and re-cycling (by-law 7)
  • Garden care (by-law 2)
  • Kayak and other storage in garages (special by-laws 12 and 13)
  • Moving in/out/bulky goods delivery (by-law 5 and special by-laws 3 and 6)
  • Number of residents in each flat (special by-law 7)
  • Renovations –  special by-laws are passed to ensure compliance with requirements, for example special by-laws 1, 2, 9 and 15 plus Amend special 9 and for balcony doors, see special by-law 12
  • Service of notices and documents by electronic means (special by-law 14)

Further details and links to the original by-laws can be found here.