Strata Meetings at a Glance

All owners are welcome to attend strata committee meetings as observers.

The strata meetings are held using Zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic between 5.30-8.00 PM.

The Annual General Meeting was held on 22 September 2020 and the Strata Committee for 2020/21 met immediately after the AGM.

Since this website is public, agendas and minutes of strata meetings are not published here. The Strata Committee (EC) has adopted “opt-in” policy where owners will optionally be provided with a electronic (pdf) copy of the finalised minutes from the committee meetings. Owners should email Helen Wells ( if they wish to be on this distribution list. These owners will also be provided with an electronic copy of The Elizabeth’s newsletter. Alternatively the information on meetings and other data is available by going to the Owners’ Portal Login on the Acumen Strata website.

The agendas and the draft minutes for the EC meetings are posted on the noticeboards in B1 and B2 before and after the EC meetings respectively.