Renovating your apartment

Structural Alterations

Common property

If you wish to structurally alter common property, you must first receive written approval from the Executive Committee (EC).

You are not permitted to alter, interfere with or otherwise damage or deface any structure that forms part of the common property.  Common property not only includes the common areas but also all the perimeter walls, windows and doors of your apartment.

Alterations to your own apartment

If you wish to make alterations to your own property, you will need to complete a form (Application for Carrying out Building Works) and submit this to the Building Works (BW) subcommittee of the EC with full details of the proposed works (email:  You MUST obtain the EC’s written approval before you commence any work.

Download a copy of the form here.

After the BW subcommittee has assessed the application, it will forward a recommendation to proceed (or not) to EC members for formal approval.  Once approval (or rejection) of the works has been obtained by a majority of the EC members, you will be informed by the Managing Agent and the approval (or rejection) will be noted in the minutes of the next EC meeting.

The EC will endeavour to provide approval as soon as possible but if the alterations are of a complex or controversial nature, additional information may be requested and further advice sought before approval can be given.

Reflections has by-laws in place which regulate changes to floor coverings and the installation of bi-fold doors to balconies.  If you are considering making an alteration of this nature, please ensure that you read the relevant by-law carefully and comply with the requirements.  Please note that, in particular, the Reflections by-law prohibits the installation of floor coverings which will result in excessive transmission of noise and requires reports from acoustic experts before and after installation.

Once approved, and before any renovation takes place, it would be considerate to advise neighbours of any works that may generate excessive noise.


Significant design effort and specialist materials have been incorporated into Reflections to minimise the transmission of sound between apartments.  Even experienced tradespeople may not be aware of how easily this can be compromised.  For example, drilling a single hole to hang a picture can significantly compromise the soundproofing materials sitting just behind the wall surface.  If you are having even minor work done, we ask that you err on the side of caution and discuss how best to proceed with those familiar with Reflections construction by contacting our building manager, Danny McKinney, at Estate Management (02 9518 8656).