Regatta Wharf Annual General Meeting

The AGM on 11 September was a fine example of Parkinson’s best-known law.

After the Chair’s account of our constitutional context, Amanda Farmer of Lawyers Chambers explained the new strata laws and the requirement that we review and amend our by-laws. 

It took us ten minutes to abrogate all existing by-laws and adopt new ones. 

The new by-laws will be available on this website as soon as they are registered and have come into force.

We devoted ten minutes more to our multi-million dollar budget and measures for insurance: we adopted them with little discussion and no amendment. The figures are appended to the meeting agenda.

Then we spent an emotional hour debating the best way to help residents in and out of the pool, and came very close to a conclusion. This matter will be resolved finally, within two months.

And we elected a new strata committee, very like the outgoing one: see below.