Moving procedures

The Owners Corporation requires you to arrange a specific time for moving in or out of Sugar Dock. To reduce the risk of damage, and for your own convenience and safety, we require a security guard to accompany you.

• Contact your building manager and after hours: Security Supervisor on 02 8565 9494.

2. Pay a fee and (refundable) deposit

3. Advise your removalist about building access

Car park

• The Sugar Dock car park entry (on Tambua Street) height is approximately 3400mm. Larger trucks need to park in the street.
• For moves to and from 4 Distillery Drive (Tower) vehicles must park on Tambua Street, directly opposite the Stonecutters car park entrance. The security guard will manually lock the entry boom gate open before the vehicle enters the loading dock.
• For moves to and from 25 Bowman St (Terraces) the vehicle should still use the loading dock (via Tambua Street). The section of 25 Bowman Street is a “NO STOPPING” and patrolled by Rangers.


Lifts that services the Sugar Dock buildings have these approximate dimensions:
• Tower: 2850mm high x 1390mm wide x 1970mm deep (door 1100mm wide x 2100mm high).
• Terraces: 2430mm high x 1290mm wide x 2000mm deep (door 1100mm wide x 2100mm high).
(Under no circumstances are lift doors to be forced open).


Furniture and other large items may not be moved through the main foyer without prior special permission from the Owners Corporation.

4. Obtain the control key for the lift

On moving day, go to the Security Gatehouse, where the Resident Services Manager will give you a key that controls access to one of the lifts. Security will explain how to use it to lock off the lift so it is available only to you during the move.

5. Move in/out

A security guard will meet the removalist on arrival. The guard is assigned to you for four hours. They will:
• Assist the removalist with parking, access routes, lift protection and security keys
• Maintain security of the building during the move
• Ensure access for other residents/visitors during the move
• Inspect common property before and after the move

6. Return the key, reclaim the deposit

The deposit bond will be refunded when you return the lift key. If there is no damage recorded by Security, the full deposit bond will be refunded.

If there is damage the deposit bond will be withheld until we know the costs of the repair or additional cleaning. The person/s who requested the move will be liable for any costs that exceed the deposit bond.

7. Dispose of waste

All cardboard waste from your move should be left flattened at the rear of the loading dock on level B1. Other waste such as packing crates should be taken off site by the removalist.
This policy applies to all moves in and out of Sugar Dock. However, existing occupants do not need to pay a bond or pay a security fee for a one-off furniture delivery.

8. Failure to comply with this procedure

Adherence to this procedure is necessary to ensure that hundreds of residents are not inconvenienced.

Movers who do not follow this procedure will very quickly be identified though significant disruption of lift traffic and they will be required to immediately halt their move. They will then be asked to begin at step 1 of this procedure that will likely mean postponing the remainder of the move to another day, resulting in significant inconvenience and cost to themselves.