Moving procedures

Please read and complete the Moving Request Application Form where necessary to request approval for any move into or out from the building.

  • The application form must be completed and submitted to the Building Manager at least 48 hours prior to any move.
  • Credit card details must be supplied below to facilitate the $500 bond required prior to any move being approved. Failure to do so will result in no move being approved.



On arrival, call at the Security Gatehouse located at 58-B Bowman Street, Pyrmont to advise of your arrival. Alternatively, call Security on approach on 02 8565 9494. Please phone them if you are running late. A Security Guard will issue you with a lift key and accompany you to the loading dock. The Guard will explain the correct moving procedures and the access route to be used.



Call at the Security Gatehouse to advise of your move commencement so that a Security Guard can arrange for a pre-inspection of the lifts and common areas and access to the Loading Dock for your removalist.



The Loading Dock is the correct point of access for your move into or out from the building, unless you are moving into or out from one of the Bowman Street or Refinery Drive Terraces using the street entry. It is located on Mount Street Walk on the Eastern side of the building. There is one loading dock servicing Fleetview both for 41 Refinery Drive residents & 66 Bowman Street residents. The Loading Dock’s approximate dimensions are 3600mm high x 3500mm wide x 7000 mm deep.



A Security Guard will be allocated to your move and prior to and at the end of your move, the Guard will complete a condition report in relation to the common areas, lifts and lobbies. Please ensure that reasonable care is taken to prevent damage and to preserve finishes of the common areas. Your $500 bond will be forfeited if any damage is evident from your move.



Lift cars in the residential building are 2100mm high x 900mm wide x 2100mm deep. You will be able to have dedicated lift access for the duration of your move by using the lift key provided. If your move does not require the use of a lift, the Security Guard will advise you of the correct moving procedures and access route to be used.

Be aware that if you have not pre-booked your move at least 48 hours beforehand and/or have not provided your credit card details to cover the moving bond, the Owners Corporation may terminate any moving by denying your access to the building and/or lifts by deactivation of your security swipe cards.



Moves into and out from Fleetview are only permitted between the hours of 9:00am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday, inclusive, except that moves are not permitted on Public Holidays. To ensure that all moves are completed by 4:00pm, they must start before 12 noon. Note: If the procedures are not followed, your FOB (Swipe) access to the building may be cancelled. There may be a cost to reinstate any cancelled FOB (Swipe). Please don’t hesitate to contact our office should you require any further information.



Please note it is most important that you plan with your removalist for moves to be completed within the time frames allowed. The average time for a move is around 4 hours. If a move is not started in time to allow for its completion by 4:00pm, Security will generally not allow the move to commence and you will need to re-book for another day. FOB (Swipe) access to the building and lifts may be withdrawn in these circumstances. Any associated costs will be the responsibility of the resident.



At the conclusion of your move, you will need to advise the Security Gatehouse so that a post-move inspection of common areas and lifts may be undertaken. Once the lift key has been returned and the post inspection is deemed satisfactory by Security, your credit card details will be destroyed.


Please note: if the procedures are not followed, your FOB/ swipe access to the building will be cancelled. There may also be a cost to reinstate the FOB/ Swipe access.

Building management is onsite from 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday. All after hour enquiries please contact Security at the Gatehouse. Please note: Security does not have authority to confirm bookings for the move, all after hour requests will be attended during business hours.