Large Deliveries and Moving Procedures

The following information has been compiled to assist all residents with the effective management of their relocation into and out of Reflections (Clearwater and Bridgeview) and for the safe delivery of large articles without damage to property.

Moving forms

Click here to view moving forms

Before the move

  • Contact the Resident Services Manager (RSM) (located on 45 Bowman Street) (02 9518 8656) to book your move.
  • In the case of move ins / outs, a refundable deposit bond of $300 plus a security fee (non-refundable) must be lodged with the RSM at the time of booking.  You should do this at least 5 days in advance. 24 hours notice is required for cancellation of the security guard, otherwise charges will be incurred.
  • You should arrange with the Security Gatehouse located at 58B Bowman Street on 02 8565 9494 for the supply and installation of protective lift covers (as per by-law) to protect furniture and prevent damage to the building.


  • On arrival, stop at Security Gatehouse and advise them of your arrival. Alternatively, call on approach. (Please phone if you are running late).
  • The person responsible for the move will be given key access to lift controls. Security will provide instruction as to locking off the lift.

The move

Under no circumstances, are household goods to be moved through any of the lobby glass entry doors nor are lift doors to be forced open.

  • For move ins / outs, a security guard will be in attendance dedicated to the move for 4 hours. This ensures that you are provided with appropriate direction and that both the loading dock and residential lift are made available for your move. As only one lift is available for each lobby, this service will be shared with residents, with residents wishing to enter or exit their apartment having priority.
  • The guard will conduct a pre- and post-move inspection report prior to the lift key hand over and its return.
  • Any damages to common property or additional cleaning requirements caused by the move will be at the mover’s expense.  Please ensure that reasonable care is taken to prevent damage of the common areas.
  • Move ins / outs may not proceed before 9.30 am or after 5.30pm (two 4 hour blocks are available only) unless written authority has been granted by the Owner’s Corporation. For the quiet enjoyment of other residents, moves are not permitted on Sundays unless written approval is received.
  • If the foregoing conditions are not complied with, the intending mover/s access swipe card may be deactivated by security / RSM thus preventing access to lifts and lift lobbies for the purpose of moving furniture.

The loading dock

The loading dock is the correct and ONLY point of entry for your large  removal / delivery van to park and offload and is located adjacent to Refinery Drive. There is only one loading dock for Reflections.

  • Dimensions are as follows:
    • The loading dock has the approximate height of 3600mm
    • Residential lift cars are 2250mm high x 1200mm wide x 1960mm deep
    • The goods lift which services the buildings is 2000mm high x 1100mm wide x 2300mm deep

We recommend resident / removalist inspection of the site prior to the move and that the removalist consider use of a ferry vehicle to transport goods from the goods lift to the apartment lift which will avoid some double handling.

After the move 

  • The $300 deposit bond will be refunded on return of lift key.  If there is no damage recorded by Gatehouse Security, the full deposit bond will be refunded.
  • If any damage is recorded, refund of deposit bond will be withheld pending advice as to probable costs of repair/additional cleaning. Please be aware that you may be liable for costs exceeding the value of the bond.

Responsibilities of the security guard

  •  Signage is to be placed in the lift the day before the move, identifying day and start time of move
  • Padding is to be affixed to the lift interior on the morning of the move and signage to be placed on each landing affected by the move, advising:
    • contact information for Security
    • use of internal intercom for exit or entry
  • A condition assessment report is to be completed at the start of the move in the presence of the mover
  • Security are responsible for directing all traffic including transport / removalist and residents and will be required to be on-site throughout the move and accessible to all residents in the main lobby area
  • Residents will have priority over transport / removalist
  • When the move is complete, Security will complete a condition assessment report in the presence of the mover
  • Signage should be removed from the lift and all landings

Role of residents

  • Residents are to expect short delays during moves with reference to lift availability and are to refer to signage on lifts for additional information
  • A complaints procedure is in place to improve the removal process as follows:
    • In the first instance you should advise the Security Gatehouse.  Please do not discuss problems with the security guard dedicated to the move, as he/she may be new to the site and unaware of the correct operating procedures
    • Secondly, you may contact the RSM.  A proforma can be obtained from Security to allow you to lodge a written complaint.