Strata laws prescribe the responsibilities of Strata Managers, Building Managers, Strata Committees, and the Secretary, Treasurer and Chair.  The Resident Services Manager has copies of a helpful plain language explanation from the Department of Fair Trading. Click here to download this document.

The Strata Committee is elected by Regatta Wharf owners at an Annual General Meeting.  The AGM also appoints our Strata Manager, Building Manager and Cleaners.  Security are appointed by the Jacksons Landing Community Association, a federal body managing issues common to all stratas in Jacksons Landing. To learn more, go to Community Association.

The Strata Committee meets every month or every other month. Each owner receives the agenda and minutes. Each owner is entitled to attend: the chair can invite an owner to speak, and rearrange the agenda to suit.

The House Subcommittee, which includes the building manager and resident volunteers, reviews non-urgent issues in the buildings and the gardens, and makes recommendations to the SC.