Strata Committee

Elected at the last AGM, the Strata Committee Members for 2017/2018 are:

    • Sally Caruana
    • Anne Finley
    • Derek Hilliard (Treasurer)
    • Ann Jackman (Chairperson)
    • Bruce Napthali (Secretary)
    • Regina Shekleton
    • Steven Schwartz
    • Mira Stevanovic


    SC members freely give their time to ensure that the property is managed in the best interest of all of the owners.

    You can email the strata committee here.

    The sub-committees are as follows:

    Derek Hilliard, Bruce Napthali

    John Hughes, James Kelly, Tony Fairclough, Mira Stevanovic

    Colin Knowles, Regina Knowles

    Bruce Alamo, James Kelly, Derek Hilliard, Colin Knowles, Bruce Napthali, Mike Peters, Silvija Smits