Evacuation plans and fire alarms

Evacuation plans
Emergency evacuation plan: Sugar Dock tower
Emergency evacuation plan: Sugar Dock low-rise
Emergency evacuation diagram

Fire Alarms

Some residents have been concerned that the fire alarm goes off in one part of the building, but not on their floor. The following will explain why this happens:

The fire alarm system is a cascading one – this means that only the affected floor goes into alarm (e.g. say a smoke detector on level 4 is set off) the each level above and below (level 3 and 5 in this example) goes into alarm as 2 minutes passes and so on up and down the tower – unless the fire brigade has already attended and reset the panel (in the case of a false alarm). This system is designed so that in a real emergency the most affected areas are evacuated first and so on.

What can also happen is an alarm triggered from Stonecutters (or Knox, SugarDock and presumably Silk) the car park also goes into alarm (every time).