Designed by Richard Huxley of the Bureau of Urban Architects in 1998 and covering an entire block, the “Huxley Terraces” were a front runner in the urban renewal of Pyrmont Point. Seven grand scaled terraces front Refinery Park and the remaining eighteen terraces are courtyard styled.


Huxley Terraces


It was the belief of Huxley that courtyard housing provided an under-utilised housing model well suited to Sydney’s climate and a medium density environment. The courtyard provides quality private outdoor area, bringing northern light into the floor plan, and is an effective extension of living areas.


A major priority for this project was the focus on streetscape, articulation and achieving the right amount of variety within a repetitive rhythm. The result was a project we remain proud of architecturally and that sold well beyond market expectations”, said Huxley.



Graduating from a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1987 and completing a Masters of Architecture degree in 1997, his post-graduate thesis, “A search for the meaning of spirit of place in architecture” established his academic credibility. He later went on to teach in the undergraduate architecture and urban design program from 1997-2000 at UNSW.


Richard Huxley

Richard was one of the architects responsible for the acclaimed Olympic Village project. His urban housing project at Jackson’s Landing was nominated for the Wilkinson Award in 2000 and later exhibited by the Historic Houses Trust at the Museum of Sydney.


In 2004, Richard gave lecture 23 in the prestigious Source 490 Lecture Series on his architectural work and projects. Richard has 25 years of experience practicing architecture, 12 of those years as managing director of his own successful architectural firm.


His career has been dedicated to both the practice of architecture and the development of architectural theory advancing meaningful relationships between architecture, people and place through environmental design.