About Tablet House

Tablet House is one of the retained heritage buildings from the former CSR site. It is a largely intact example of early 20th century industrial architecture and was built for the manufacture of tablet sugar, golden syrup and other sugar products.

Completed in 1909, the angle of the east wall was built to align exactly with the boundary line of the original subdivision of Pyrmont: the Harris and Macarthur Estates.

Renovated for modern day use, the building has retained many of its original and unique features, such as the load bearing window frames, the open plan layout made possible by cast iron beams, the loading dock opening to Refinery Square and the lift well (now glazed) which cuts a vertical shaft through the building.

Now commercial space with only three titles, the owner-tenants are inherently proud of the building’s heritage, and respect its history and prominence within the CSR site and the community of Jacksons Landing.