About The Cooperage

The Cooperage building sits above the water’s edge at Jacksons Landing in all her historic glory. Constructed by CSR (Colonial Sugar Refinery) in 1901 as a place to manufacture barrels for storing rum, in 2006 the building was redeveloped into executive commercial suites.

To showcase the Cooperage’s proud heritage, a viewing gallery has been built around the historic barrel hoist and equipment in the foyer, where visitors can see how the rum barrels were moved between floors.

The 4-storey building resides near the water and parkland, with unparalleled views of the Anzac Bridge in Pyrmont. The building’s exterior was redesigned by heritage architect Howard Tanner, and the interior design was undertaken by Form Follows Function.

The Cooperage is a unique building which stands apart from modern office blocks as a place where the historic and new meet to create a picturesque and thriving workplace.