What are the rules about parking in my building’s carpark?

The Owners Corporation cannot take action in a private matter involving a resident’s car space. It is NOT permissible to wheel clamp cars or place stickers on car windows. If someone parks in your car space you need to take the issue to the other car owner directly. Security may place a notice on the car asking them to move, or try to identify the owner. If this problem persists, please email the strata manager. With the approval of the Executive Committee they may write a letter to the car owner. Residents may not park in visitor car spaces or anywhere on the common property of the building. Some buildings have a bollard system to ensure that only visitors use these spaces. If your building has bollards and you have a visitor needing a space, go to the Gatehouse and sign out a bollard key for a space. This key must be returned as instructed by security.