Do I need permission to keep a pet?

Residents must seek permission to keep a pet. The Community Association has authorised each strata committee to approve applications to keep pets. The process and conditions may vary slightly from strata to strata, and from time to time. Write a letter to your strata committee asking for permission. Details should include:

  • Type of pet
  • Male / Female
  • Micro-chipped?
  • Trained / obedient
  • Size
  • Approx weight
  • Temperament
  • Any other information that may be relevant.

Tenants must get written consent from the owner of their apartment. The strata committee will review the application. You may need to wait for the next meeting. If permission is granted, it is subject to a number of conditions, to which you must agree in writing; for example:

  • At no time will you cause or permit the Community Management Statement or other by-laws to be breached
  • The pet must be kept in a manner which does not cause nuisance or excessive noise to other residents
  • No damage is caused to common property
  • Pets must either be carried or kept on a leash while on common property – this includes the gardens, lifts and lobbies
  • Toileting of pets is not permitted on community or strata common property (excreta must be cleaned and removed)
  • During fire evacuation a pet must be carried in a pet cage or kept on a leash
  • The strata Committee reserves the right to review and retract this approval if any of the above conditions are not fulfilled.
  • When your written acceptance is received you will be approved to keep a pet. There are more details about keeping pets, including breeds of dogs that are not permitted, in the Community Management Statement.

See the “Dog Owners” note on the Community Activities page for information on the local parks and dog lead requirements.