After the fire in the sugar store


Raw sugar was refined through many processes to make the product stable and durable as well as pure. One hazard that could not be eliminated was fire. And when fire caught hold, the spectacle matched the destruction. Fire burst out in the CSR’s refined sugar store before dawn on October 25th, 1918. Flames shot 30…

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Stockings Advertisment

Nice girls wear stockings

A manager visiting the research laboratory was horrified to observe that the young female chemists – mainly “nice” North Shore girls from private schools – were bare legged. On enquiring, he was told that they couldn’t afford to keep buying stockings, as the chemicals burnt holes in them. Soon after, they received in their pay…

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No Popery

No Catholics Please!

Norm, a foreman at the caneite factory, trained young men to be supervisors including Bruce, a 25-year-old whose father held an executive position in CSR. Bruce was keeping company with a Catholic girl, which was totally frowned upon by management. “If you wanted to stay in the company and get anywhere you couldn’t marry a…

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Weathercock made in 1900 to celebrate the Relief of Mafeking, reinstated in 2010

The Story of the Weathercock

What connection can there possibly be between a famous episode in the Boer War (1899-1902, fought between Britain and Boer republics in South Africa, with Australian contingents joining in ) and the CSR site in Pyrmont, now Jacksons Landing? Early in the 20th century two coppersmiths working in the CSR workshop at Pyrmont designed and…

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