Maybanke Susannah Anderson

Anderson, Maybanke Susannah

Maybanke Susannah Anderson (1845-1927), suffragist and social reformer, was born in England to parents who believed that women should be able to earn their own living. In Sydney, at 22, she married Ed

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St Bartholomew’s church 1870s

Boyce, Francis Bertie

Francis Bertie Boyce (1844-1931), Anglican priest and social reformer, worked in a bank when his father died and he had to leave school. He taught Sunday school and resolved to enter the Anglican mini

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John Harris

Harris, John

John Harris (1754-1838), naval officer, surgeon and landowner, grew up in Country Derry and reached Sydney in 1790 as a surgeon to the NSW Corps. Like most other officers he quarrelled (and was twice

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Richard Johnson

Johnson, Richard

Richard Johnson (1753-1827) was the first clergyman in Australia. In 1786 he was made chaplain for NSW and sailed with the First Fleet. He appealed in vain to successive governors for labour to build

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Badge of the NSW Corps

Jones, Thomas

Thomas Jones (? – 1799) soldier and murderer, was a private in the NSW Corps in 1795 when his officers awarded him 55 acres at the North Eastern tip of Pyrmont. Such land grants were made as an ince

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E.W. Knox chairman 1920-1933

Knox, Edward William

Edward William Knox (1847-1933), general manager of CSR, was born in 1847 in Sydney, second son of Edward Knox. This was a high-achieving family: Adrian became Chief Justice of the High Court; Thomas

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The Hon Edward Knox ca 1894

Knox, Sir Edward

Sir Edward Knox (1819-1901) founder of CSR was born in Denmark. At 16, he entered his uncle's London merchant house but chose migrate to Australia. Arriving in Sydney in 1840 he joined the Australian

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Elizabeth Macarthur

Macarthur, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Macarthur (1766-1850), was born in Devon, where her parents equipped her to manage complicated affairs, vital skills after she married John Macarthur in 1788. Their first son Edward was born

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John Macarthur

Macarthur, John

John Macarthur (1767?-1834) was born near Plymouth, relatively poor, and struggled to join the British Army until 1788. Next year he became a lieutenant in the NSW Corps and sailed with his wife and s

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Robert Saunders

Saunders, Charles & Family

Charles Saunders (1824 - 1893), entrepreneur and stonemason, was born in Devon, and brought his family to Sydney in 1852, soon after gold was discovered in NSW. Next year Charles leased land from the

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