History of Bank Street Foreshore Park

  • 2006 – Bank Street Master Plan is approved and land zoned Public Recreation for foreshore park and passive (non-motorised) boating facilities.
  • 2009 –NSW Maritime announces the relocation of Sydney Heritage Fleet (SHF) to Bank Street Foreshore Park

  • 2010 – On the basis that the SHF development would be under $5M and modest in scale, most representatives and stakeholders agree to the allocation of land and water space for the SHF, the public parkland (on NSW Maritime site) and the Community Water Sports Centre (Dragon Boat facility) on 1 Bank Street.

  • 2015 – Urban Growth announces that the Bank Street Public Recreation Area will form part of the Bays Waterfront Promenade Destination, with Immediate Priority.

  • 2017 – SHF reaches agreement with the Australian National Maritime Museum to locate its museum and other facilities at Pyrmont Bay. SHF no longer requires the Bank Street site.

  • May 2017 – SHF agrees a “Bank Street Deed of Release” with RMS to enable Urban Growth to apply to revise the DA to accommodate Blackwattle Bay Marina.

  • 26 June, 2017 – Department of Planning advises receipt of Modification (MOD 3) submitted by Urban Growth for the land-based component of the site (formerly of SHF) to accommodate “temporary” facilities (up to 10 years) of Blackwattle Bay Marina.