Glasshouse Gym and Pool Restrictions Ease

From Monday 29 March:

  1. users MUST log in and out via the QR Code every time they use the gym or pool;
  2. users MUST use the supplied sanitised wipes to sanitise machines & other equipment when they have finished with them;
  3. users MUST use common sense in respect of numbers, i.e. if they see the gym or pool is crowded, come back at another time; and
  4. users will still be required to obtain a key from Security, at which time they should scan the QR code.

On this basis, we will discontinue the booking system and the limit on the number in the pool. The number in the gym will remain at 5 for the time being.

Note that this can all change if:

  1. users fail to follow these common-sense guidelines; or
  2. there is an increase in the COVID 19 risk in the community.

Click here for the full statement from the Community Association.