Date Built: 2001

Architect: Cox Richardson

Two addresses: 41 Refinery Drive and 66 Bowman Street and bordering Refinery Square. Comprises 10 storeys and 150 apartments. Ground level dwellings are designed as townhouses. Site of CSR’s packing station and bag store.




Fleetview is the ten-storey building designed by Cox Richardson and completed in 2001, across Refinery Square from The Station. It is bounded by Bowman St, Mount St Walk and Refinery Drive.

Several CSR functions occupied this site, and some of these changed throughout CSR’s tenure of what is now Jacksons Landing. The most durable structure on the site was a large brick building in the south-east corner which the current architecture references, courtesy of Cox Richardson. It was known variously as ‘the new material store’, ‘the bag store’, and ‘the packing station’.

The standard 70-pound (32 kg) bags were made here (and second-hand ones repaired), and filled with refined sugar. The full bags were then loaded onto lines of draught-horse-drawn drays queuing in Refinery Square, ready to take the bags to railheads or local customers. From the late 1930s motorised lorries began to replace the drays, although the war effort 1939-45 slowed this conversion down.

The northern end of the site was occupied by less substantial additions to the bag store, ones that housed an electricians’ workshop, a delivery store, and (from 1944) a laboratory.