The Community Association owns and manages the following facilities on behalf of all residents and owners in Jacksons Landing.

Click on a facility to view the rules, hours of operation, etc. You can also go to the tennis courts calendar to check the availability of the courts, or email or phone the Resident Services Manager (RSM) to book a court, the Station, or the community meeting room.

Some stratas have their own facilities which they manage themselves. evolve* has a small meeting room, the Bridge Room, that can only be used by evolve* residents. Information is available on the evolve* page.

Tennis Courts

There are two adjoining tennis courts at the corner of John Street and Cadigal Avenue, next to the McCafferys buildings. The court surface is sand filled artificial grass. The courts belong to the community and are available free of charge to all Jacksons Landing residents. They are also available at certain times to non-residents for a fee. Bookings may be made with the Resident Services Manager (RSM) at the Gatehouse on 9566 4321, or, in his/her absence, with Security guards on 9552 1706.

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Glasshouse Pool

COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS The following rules will apply until further notice: Shower beforehand. Ideally at home. Collect a fob from the security gatehouse in exchange for some form of ID. Use the hand sanitiser near the door. Ambulant toilet and shower on the pool level are available. Physical distancing – stay 1.5 m apart. Note: The…

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Glasshouse Gym

COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS The following rules will apply from the 1st of March 2021. You must book a time with RSM (Monday to Friday – 02 8565 9400) or security (02 8565 9494). You will soon be able to see vacancies, but you cannot book online. Only 5 people in the gym at a time. (Including…

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The Station

COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS NSW Health now allows indoor activities with physical distancing of 2 square metres per person. This will enable the number allowed for events in the Station to be increased to 50. Maximum 50 people Use the hand sanitiser near the door. Physical distancing – 2 square metres per person. Arrange chairs to meet…

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Pot Still (Community Meeting) Room

COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS Maximum 4 people Use the hand sanitiser near the door of the estate management office. Physical distancing – stay 1.5 m apart. Arrange chairs to meet this requirement. Click here to request a booking for the Pot Still (Community Meeting) Room. This is the meeting room in the estate management office in Bowman…

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