Date Built: 2008

Architect: Jahn Associates

13 storeys, 47 apartments. Waterfront tower facing Waterfront Park. Winner of the 2009 UDIA High-density Housing Award. Site of CSR caneite factory

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Evolve & Waterfront Park


Waterfront Park, Anzac Bridge, Glebe Island Waterfront Park, evolve* on far right Defibrators in Waterfront Park Waterfront Park Waterfront Park, evolve* on far right evolve* evolve*

evolve* was designed by Jahn and Associates and completed in 2008: it is decorated with Aztec designs echoing the Griffins’ incinerator. Machines from the char house are dispersed through Jacksons Landing.

Three rusty balls in Waterfront Park recall the caneite factory: the great wheels that rotated them are exhibited across the road in Knox on Bowman. And Metamorphosis asks passers-by to reflect on the transformation of an industrial complex into upmarket apartments and a landscaped park.

Waterfront Park itself is the outcome of negotiations between residents and Lend Lease, who had intended a much simpler, less landscaped expanse.